Choosing Yellow Paint for Kitchen
Modern Yellow Kitchen Design

Choosing Yellow Paint for Kitchen

Yellow Paint for Kitchen – If you choose color in the kitchen, you will probably (like over 90% of us) a warm color range: yellow, orange, red, green, yellow, warm gray, plum etc. … The yellow comes first in our choices, we begin by examining these kitchens there.

Yellow and Orenge Kitchen Ideas

If you have, you also opted for this color there are many nuances of which you must choose: lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, etc. …

After that, what will you do for the ceiling, for furniture, the work plan, the floor … so many problems to solve and we hope these examples will help you decide.

Here cons to this kitchen, the yellow everywhere.

We had fun mixing several shades of yellow:
– Yellow-orange for high ceiling and closets,
– More lemony yellow for the walls,
– More green for yellow frames, cornice and furniture.

The set value in a range of close.

Worktop ecru tile surrounded by solid edging blond.

Tiled floor old roses recovered *. Lighting by embedded spots.

Yellow Modern Style Kitchen

For this more modern style kitchen, opens onto the living room, we also chose to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.
Yellow is a color bright enough for that to paint the ceiling does not create a feeling of confinement.

The same color is used for walls, ceilings, shelves and the bottoms of glass furniture.

The work plan is resin cream, kitchen furniture in natural birch, and the floor.

The entire floor and furniture is sufficiently clear to support the volume yellow.

Yellow and White Kitchen Ideas

Here, yellow and white is a shared kitchen.

The color of the wall painting was chosen to imitate perfectly the straw floor.

All kitchen furniture, facades and interiors, are white and the ceiling.

There is no rule with respect to the color of the ceiling for a kitchen: the same as the walls or just white. The choice is yours.
The white ceiling is brighter, the yellow ceiling gives a greater feeling of privacy.

Yellow Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen seems that all yellow mingled actually three colors plus white:

The yellow was used for the facades of low cupboards, central island and the door.

It is associated with the cream walls of closets and high for wall cupboards treated in yellow, which reduces the furniture.

A touch of yellow green is for tile baseboards, furniture consoles, the facades of tall furniture covered elsewhere in the store and cream.

All on a medium gray ground, with a tiled wall and ceiling white. Workplan polished stone dark caramel.

Yellow Paint Kitchen Design

Another possibility:

The ceiling and walls are painted white. The color is used on all kitchen furniture, but they occupied a very large volume in the room, the kitchen is yellow.

The beams are kept in their natural color varnished simply entransparent.
The ground floor is a natural wood color with wide slats.
The work plan is polished black stone.

Small Kitchen Design Yellow

The kitchen is very small in the beginning, it was downright open to the dining room it was colonized by implanting a part of his equipment.

The yellow vanilla is used only on exposed surfaces of walls that are largely covered with library furniture and painted white.

The ceiling and beams are painted white.

White baseboards and door frames.

Black and white tile mosaic.

A set bright and warm.