Beautiful Blue Room Decorating
Blue and White Rooms

Beautiful Blue Room Decorating

Traditionally, it is well known, blue is entirely appropriate for a room because it is a color that is supposed to be relaxing.

But it is also a color classified as “cool colors” and we sometimes hesitate to use it for a room for fear that it is a little sad.

It is quite légitimed’éviter to wake up and start the day in a gloomy environment.

So in order to silence your doubts and give you some ideas, here are seven pleasant rooms decorated in blue.

Here against a very light blue, almost a smoke on the walls, which brings into focus the tone wood dresser, wicker chair, naked to the earth colors, floor.

The white shade, the quilted bed covers, scratches the carpet, the lamp base and trinkets associated with the pale pink brightens the entire cushion.

blue-and-white rooms
Blue-and-White Rooms

Bolder, this deep blue wall. It is a blue, long to be tolerable, is selected from the range of tones down (ie that contains some of its complementary color).

Use lots of white around to avoid excessive mitigate daylight in your room: window frames, carpet, furniture and possibly enlighten the white curtains advantageously.

He is brightened and well set off by a thin stripe pattern on fabric, or the grounds of blue and white ceramic.

Light up the wall engravings by favoring large white beaches.

We can, if preferred, to limit this blue one wall, the windows or within any alcoves or deep in a library with a reminder of blue stripes for curtains or seats.

Blue and White Rooms

This type of decoration in blue beautifully puts gray value in beige and orange.

The effect “box” obtained by painting the ceiling in the same dark color as the walls is voluntary, of course.

This intimate atmosphere is generally used for the rooms that we use only at night by electric light. Care if it’s not your case, you may find this option in full sad day.

Blue and White Rooms Image

For a guest room in a holiday home, for example, you are sure not offend any sensibility combined with such a setting:

-Light blue with thin stripes for the wallpaper, to match the bedding,

  • A strong pattern of dark blue, white and gray for the patchwork bedspread
    -An armchair covered in soft blue by uni
    -A floor, ceiling and door frames painted white

To provide contrast and personality, to punctuate a little black: shade, painted metal bed, cowhide rugs and legs of the stool at the end of bed.

A touch of complementary color well come to animate the whole: the yellow-orange bouquet that you can replace it with a cushion or a trinket in the same colors when the flowers are out of season

Beautiful Blue Room Decorating

If you decide to make a blue room using very little blue, it is quite feasible.

Simply opt for neutrals in regard to the rest of the room and the blue book to one or two key areas of the scene:

Here is white for the ceiling, walls, bed linen,

gray for the doors, the mirror painted, padding the bed,

beige floor and chair.

Blue is reserved for top-door in a pretty pale turquoise, the beautiful quilts blue “butterfly wing” that invigorates the décor, wall panel surmounting the fireplace in a light gray and pale blue decor cushion on the chair.

Decorating with Blue

The same for the last two examples in which, unlike the first four, the color is not used on walls but on accessories.

For this room romantic, white paintings, furniture plain white or white patina, the bedposts white ball brass, white damask bedspread, white shades.

Blue is used for fabrics, blinds and patterned cushions and romantic blue gingham skirt for the bed, sitting chairs and cushions complementary.

Bright and quiet. Not to “shake” the color we opted for a bouquet of white flowers which only the foliage introduced contrast