Backsplashes for Bed
Backsplashes for Bed

Backsplashes for Bed

As it is much better in a large bed of 160 cm in the old beds of our grandmothers, one has retained the idea of ?? Backsplashes for Bed

To achieve this, you have to cut out a shape in the medium, the line of good thick fleece and soft tissue then over his choice, which is very staple it securely to the back panel.

Fasten to the wall and lean against it-your bed.

This is particularly original in its form and pattern of the fabric chosen.

He gives his whole personality to the part that is already nicely colored by the bedspread.

Bed Head Decoration Design

A fun and successful mix of styles:

Rather than paint the backsplash in white bed very “rock”, was chosen to accentuate the Baroque by keeping it in its original color and the padding of red.

Associated with a decoration with simple colors and straight lines, it accommodates a beautifully modern table and makes all the charm and originality of the room.

By the same principle as in the first instance but simplified, a homemade backsplash, this time with straight lines.

Do it the width of the bed and calculate its height so that it sits right above the baseboard.

Again, for any modern decor in straight lines, we chose a pattern that does all the hard-hitting nature of the decoration.

Under these conditions, no patterns on the bedspread or curtains on, to give him the star.

Bed Decoration Design

Same fabrication techniques for the backsplash.

This time for a style more “cottage”, was chosen to cover the headboard, a red striped linen.

It is surmounted by a capital recovered cabinet painted white.

The bed is comfortably furnished with cushions covered with old cottons and linens and a red and white quilt.

It is important to choose the headboard because it is the element on which the eye will land first and he will contribute significantly to the style that you give to the room.

The rounded forms and spectacular this headboard evoke more theater it is covered in red velvet as the bed skirt.

Eccentricity tempered by the use of simple black and white.

Bed Decoration Design Idea

Same principle: a contoured headboard very red velvet and damask, matching bed skirt with large pleats and store.

All the rest of the room is bathed in a matching white paint used to repaint the trim for the backsplash.
To retain the association with this pretty red slightly past the bed: a true red and pink used on the grounds of the cushions.